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SGJ Controls


Button with color styling and images display.

On Lazarus it uses bgrabitmap.

On Delphi it uses Direct2D on supported Delphi and Windows version and Canvas on older versions.


  • Caption - string, button text
  • Description - string, second line text (only if ShowDescription set to true)
  • ColorNormal - TColor, button color
  • ColorHover - TColor, color when mouse move
  • Images - TImagelist
  • ImageIndex - image index from imagelist
  • ShowDescription - boolean, if true then show second line with description
  • FontDescription - font for description
  • ShowBorder - if true then show border
  • BorderColor - TColor, border color
  • RoundedCorners - boolean, enable rounded corners
  • TitleOnCenter - Move title to center(only with ShowDescription=false and no images)


Toogle button, modern checkbox replacement.

Default compile configuration

{$IFDEF FPC}                       //Lazarus / FPC
  {$DEFINE SGJCTRL_W_BGRA}         //BGRABitmap draw only
//{$DEFINE SGJCTRL_W_Canvas}       //Canvas draw only
//{$DEFINE SGJCTRL_W_GDIPlUS}      //GDI PLUS draw only(and only on Windows)
{$ELSE}                            //Delphi:
//{$DEFINE SGJCTRL_W_Canvas}       //Canvas draw only
{$IF CompilerVersion >= 21}
	{$DEFINE SGJCTRL_W_D2D}    //Direct2D

On Delphi Direct2D is switched to Canvas if not supported. If enable Direct2D with GDI+, then switched D2D to GDI+ when not supported.

ButtonColor             :TColor
ButtonCheckedColor      :TColor
ButtonUnCheckedColor    :TColor
Caption                 :String
TextBeforeButton        :Boolean
Checked                 :Boolean


Label component with URL property. URL adress is executed with default system application when click. No additional code needed.


Panel component with customized border. Property:

  • Caption - string, if set, then panel display Header like groupbox.
  • BorderColor - TColor, border color
  • ShowBorder - boolean, if true then show border

Demo preview

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